Sepharad Charts

"something else that until that moment I hadn’t known was in my memory"

Ch 1: sacristan

"I had abandoned the everyday and entered a kingdom very much like the world of films or books: the insomniac world of travelers."

Ch 2: copenhagen

"the reality in which large holes, pits of darkness even at midday, begin to open"

Ch 3: those who wait

"in old Spanish to remember means to wake up"

Ch 4: silencing everything

Okay, a pause. First two chapters introduce a narrative “I” who moves in and out of other people’s stories. The third chapter moved further into the personas of Buber-Neumann, Klemperer, and Ginsberg. Most recently, we’ve moved fully into the soldier’s “I” and reflected on the concept of persona

Ch 5: valdemún

"for memory is never as precise as literature would have us believe"

Ch 6: oh you, who knew so well

"At some moment in the reading, without my knowing, there came a shift in attitude, and the person who had been nothing more than a name..."

Ch 7: münzenberg

At this point in reading we’ve seen a wide range of storytelling modes plus some major payoffs for earlier references. It’s passed the 1/3 mark and my thinking brain is mostly turned off. I trust the book to take me wherever it wants to go.

Ch 8: olympia

"You will not swim twice in the same river, nor will you live the same summer twice"

Ch 9: berghof

"there are others who reflect any brightness near them, beaming it back as if it were their own"

Ch 10: cerbére

"like explorers who get lost and go mad in deserts of ice"

Ch 11: wherever the man goes

The next describes a visit home that’s very hard to leave. This chart would be better as a spiral.

Ch 12: scheherazade

"already hard and stiff as the bolt on a gate"

Ch 13: america

By chapter 14, the book's ending has been announced. Words like "symmetry" and "loose strings" are thrown around. It's time to tie up the loose ends...

Ch 14: you are...

Then, a single mention of a new name leads to a new story, just as things were coming to a close...

Ch 15: narva

"I am never more myself than when I am silent and listening"

Ch 16: tell me your name

We end at a new beginning: "that strange nontime on the eve of departure..."

Ch 17: sepharad